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Even with DOF limitations should be some point of focus

Jizzy wrote:

I focused on the eye with single point AF.

Did I move too much?

No - When viewed at 100% there is clearly no evidence of motion blur, plus you've used a fast enough shutter speed to avoid that.

Or does the lens have front-/backfocus?

Again, at 100% it is obvious no part of this image is focused.

The focus is very much front (the back of the girls head/shoulders is the most out of focus, and her fringe is most in focus). The extent of which may suggest lens needs repairing rather than just micro adjusting. (although, I've not used a 70d so don't know to what extent you can adjust - try it first - Use an angled ruler or screen pattern to determine)

thx for your help

You're welcome

Additional: Just re-read what darklamp says. Yes - it could be a problem with 'swaying', eg a tendency to shift on your heels as you click (though unlikely that you persistently do so - but should not be entirely ruled out).

First thing I'd do is carry out this test: http://www.linuxphoto.org/html/article_frontfocus.html
If there is a focus shift then also try focusing in Liveview and see if that changes things.

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Offering a little advice

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