How to shoot fast with a slow camera

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: How to shoot fast with a slow camera

Fabio Amodeo wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Fabio Amodeo wrote:

It does not seem terribly complicated to me. Qith the 14 or the 18 just select f/11,

Just a quick note. Above F8 and you start losing resolution with an APSC sensored camera. F11 for full frame.

I agree. But it's a give and take game. Is depth of field more important than a slight loss in resolution and contrast? Or the reverse? The reply depends on anybody needs, and also on the lens used. Diffraction does not cut in the same manner for every lens. Some are more resistant than others.

I agree with the first part.  Macro photographers have been trading peak resolution for DOF forever.  However, diffraction had nothing to do with the lens chosen.  It is purely based on aperture and image circle size.

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