Wide aperture - Pictures out of focus

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Could be DOF lmitations and movement

Wide open depth of field is small at 85mm and f1.8 at these ranges.

There's a depth of field calculator here :


It does not take much for the slight movement of subject and photographer to take you out of focus. A slight sway either way is enough.

Also note that while you may think you have the eyes in focus ( from the focus confirmation ) the focus areas shown in the viewfinder are not always precise and you may be a little off. And with the narrow DOF that can be enough to make it even easier to loose focus.

There could be a slight backfocus, but that's really something I would not suggest until you have exhausted all other possibilities.

You really need to test on a tripod with a static target. Once humans are involved all bets are off with such narrow DOF.

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