FZ1000 - my initial evaluation

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Re: FZ1000 - my initial evaluation

quezra wrote:

Rodger1943 wrote:

technic wrote:

Rodger1943 wrote:I did another test today of the same subject. This time I set the FZ1000 to 10mp and zoomed it out so that the two images were almost identical in size.

so you start out with throwing away half of the FZ1000 pixels, and act surprised that it doesn't look as good as one would possibly expect? (apart from the obvious underexposure and possibly wrong focus on the FZ1000 shot which also doesn't work to the advantage of FZ1000)

Yes you are right about the pixels, but that's what you have to do to get a roughly equivalent crop to match the FZ200. Its either that, or take the shot at 20mp and do a crop from that, either way it amounts to the same thing.

No they are not the same thing! The latter is precisely what other people are doing and it is completely different from what you are doing. When you set the FZ1000 to 10MP, it downsamples, not crops, the 20MP picture, either through line skipping or some anti-aliasing algorithm or both. A 10 MP crop of the center is what you are aiming for. To do this in camera, you would digitally zoom, but that might introduce artifacts especially if the image is up-sampled back to 20 MP. What people are more interested to find out is for you to take the same image from the same spot, then crop the FZ1000 to the exact same framing as the FZ200 at full zoom. That will give you the effective 600mm reach (and probably slightly less megapixels).

Rodger, the images are even reduced by opload here at DP, i believe your problem is real, and have yet to see a razor-sharp shot at 400mm from FZ1000,...... but to end all the speculation then I suggest you take two 100 pct identical shots at tripod, and upload the RAW-files, and full jpegs to another location where people can download the 100 pct original files. Then lets see if someone can prove their idea about you being wrong, I guess not,..

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