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donaldsc wrote:

I am thinking about buying an A6000 and also purchasing a lens adapter so I can use my Nikon lenses on the camera. I know that the less expensive ones will mean that I can not control the lens with the A6000.

I do have one question, however. I can deal with manual focusing as this is easy to do. I would prefer not to have to use an exposure meter to set my aperture and shutter speed. If I put the camera in manual mode, will the A6000 properly read the proper exposure and aperture and display it in the viewfinder as it does when a Sony lens is attached? I could then manually set the shutter speed on the A6000 and the aperture on the lens.

Has anyone tried this?

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Howdy Don. I use Canon FD lenses and I use shutter priority (personal preference). I set ISO to suit and the lenses are all used wide open (just suits me). From there its a simple matter of just raising or lowering the shutter speed to suit what I need at the time. With the EVF you can basically see what you will get, within reason.

Using focus peaking and or magnifying the image in the EVF is a real bonus with MF. If it wasn't for those features, I wouldn't be shooting with Sony.

All the best Don and some do use aperture priority as well with MF legacy lenses. Some also use auto ISO as well. Not my thing is all.


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