FZ1000 vs FZ200 test pics

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FZ1000 vs FZ200 test pics

I own both the FZ1000 and the FZ200 and I did a few test to see the differences in image quality and I figured I'd post up a few results. These images are taken on a tripod at a distance of about 20 feet. Since the FZ1000 has a maximum zoom of 400mm, I decided to keep the FZ200 to around that too. Both cameras were set to default sharpening and noise reduction. The first test images I did were to find which aperature produced the best image. All images are the jpeg files straight from the camera.

You will obviously need to view the full size images and zoom in (pixel peep) to see the differences in the images.

FZ200 is up first.

FZ200 - f2.8 ISO-100

FZ200 - f4 ISO-100

FZ200 - f5.6 ISO-100

FZ200 - f8 ISO-100

It appears to me that f4 produces the best image on the FZ200. (The difference was much more obvious in my 600mm f4 vs f2.8 images but I didn't want to post those as the extra zoom detracts from the direct comparison to the FZ1000. But f4 was the clear winner.)

Next up is the FZ1000

FZ1000 - f4 ISO-80

FZ1000 - f5.6 ISO-80

FZ1000 - f8 ISO-80

It appears to me that f4 produces the best image on the FZ1000. Note - f2.8 produced results that appeared similar to f4.

Anyway, now on to some ISO tests. First up is the FZ200. (ISO 100 is skipped since it is above)

FZ200 - f4 ISO-200

FZ200 - f4 ISO-400

FZ200 -f4 ISO-800

FZ200 - f4 ISO-1600

FZ200 - f4 ISO-3200

FZ200 - f4 ISO-6400

Next up is the FZ1000. (ISO-80 is skipped since it is posted above already)

FZ1000 - f4 ISO-100

FZ1000 - f4 ISO-200

FZ1000 - f4 ISO-400

FZ1000 - f4 ISO-800

FZ1000 - f4 ISO-1600

FZ1000 - f4 ISO-3200

FZ1000 - f4 ISO-6400

FZ1000 - f4 ISO-12800

FZ1000 - f4 ISO-25600

I personally have found that when increasing the sharpness settings to +5 and noise reduction to -5 while using ISO-1600 for taking pictures of birds and other small animals, the jpeg images appear to rival the FZ200 jpeg images at it's best image settings.

The video recording on the FZ1000 is also much better than that of the FZ200. Obviously the 4k video is amazing but the 1920x1080 at 60 fps which both cameras do, the FZ1000 just does it so much better. The video looks so much more detailed and it appears to be silky smooth.

P.S. I'm not sure why I have the pita pit flyer as I have never been there but it was all I could find to use for this test. At least it served a purpose.

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