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Re: The Moon in detail

nicodimus22 wrote:

It's a little soft, probably because it's handheld. I'm sure that with a tripod, you could do much, much better. I really struggled with the focus of my moon photos until I used spot metering, have you experimented with that?

Just to seccond Nico, it can be much better,... by using a stand, turning stabilizer off, using "A" mode with absolute sweet-spot off the lens, spot-metering obviously, remote trigger, using raw, highest resolution, try to get a relatively high shutter if possible, experiment with EV, etc etc,...

Size of the moon should be less than half, (like here), for biggest detail due to the sun-angle

Better reults usually from the countryside, far away from the false light and city-smog

Weather-conditions, humidity, and such things are also extremely, there are f.eks. clouds so transpatent that they are not directly visible, but they will mess up the shut still

This was some of the things I have been observing, I shoot with FZ200 and and the Nikon TC's, a little less megapixels, and a little less Focal lenght than FZ70, but maybe a little superior on the lens

PP is also very helpfull for a good result, even more so on raw-basis, but I have not yet found my final methode to follow

Anywya ,.. room for improvement with FZ70, and that is a good thing

FZ200 + TC-E15ED (countryside)

FZ200 + TC-E17ED hard conditions, city, almost full, nice detail in surface-color,..

FZ200 + TC-E17ED smaller moon, but weather conditions not optimal, this can be a improved,...

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