FZ200 f2.8 constant aperture

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Re: Check out the 1" sensor FZ1000 instead

SpeedyGonzalys wrote:

First of all, you júst “discovered” (lol, at your age and experience with photography ) that a APS sensor is from better quality than a 2/3 sensor…. HALLELUJA… but…you better try other forums to claim your discovery because 99,9% of the people here on the Pany forum know that already for YEARS, so nothing new for us.

Are you on crack man?  I've been using APS-C for long time.

Yes, HOW to compare. You CAN compare a banana with a tomato because you like the color orange and you want to test which one of the two comes closest to orange. (you didn’t know about the orange fruit)

In responde to your truckload of frustrations you polluted this forum with in your previous message, I answer this:

Since you don't seem to  know what's what (talking about bananas and tomatos when we are talking sensor sizes and relative apertures), let me help you better compare... in the latest graph comparing relative apertures, in the review of the fz1000, you will notice that your toy camera has a relative aperture opening of actual size relative to only f15.  quite dismal.

I only add adjectives like "toy" and "dismal" to further annoy you, because you took such outrageous offense at someone recommending a different camera over the fz200.  If anyone else wants to act like a frustrated-stormtrooper-bitch, feel free to chime in... I'll step away and let a couple members do some reading up and assimilating some new information.

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