Poor 810 sales

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Re: Poor 810 sales - not where I am

PatrickP wrote:

larrywilson wrote:

Yes, I believe the lack of sales is a bunch of bull. Most people who wanted and possibly needed the d810 worked their way around the lack of capture nx-2. A lot of these people use other editing programs than Nikon's. Some people learn to use other programs besides Nikon software which are as good or better.


Even for people that use Nikon programs, ViewNX (2.x.0) has support for D810 even before D810 was released. In terms of color/WB accuracy nothing beats converting to JPG/TIFF from ViewNX/CNX/NX-d and then feed the JPG/TIF into Photoshop anyways...

That said, the Sony FE mount might prove to be the finally nail in Nikon's coffin regardless how good or how bad D810 sells. A future FE mount camera done right would sound a whole lot more interesting than a future D900 if the D900 still make use of the mirror...

Why? More specifically, if we are talking about higher end full frame DSLRs (D810 class and better) where the cost of the mirror mechanism and optics is not a consideration.

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