My first sky replacement - Critique please

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Re: My first sky replacement - Critique please

You could touch up some areas on the right rear of the car and the tree line by cloning or go back and retry the masking and try for a different result.  I have not used this particular software but have tried in a couple of other programs and there are a number of adjustments that can be made that may improve the edge selection in those.  Your second try has better highlight control.  This is a difficult task with this image because of the trees and the sky that will show through the open areas of the leaves.  I don't have enough experience with sky replacement to offer any helpful advice other than that I had to play with several variables in PSP to get the best outcome, which was still less than perfect.  Lots of trial and error.

As an aside, that car is in a lot better condition than the white 84 (looks like the same year as in your image) that sits parked behind my house.


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