Any recommendations for a wide angle landscape lens?

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Re: Any recommendations for a wide angle landscape lens?


If you are on full frame: samyang 14mm F2.8. It will however cause some smearing in some cases near the edges depending on how the subject is framed. It stacks up quite well in comparison to the canon 14mm F2.8 L2 that costs a bundle and then some and is considered a very fine lens indeed.

The Sigma 15mm F2.8 does not smear but of course have curved lines - however the vertical curved lines can be defished effectively using the Hemi-fisheye plugin (that I can only run in Elements 11, photoshop 7 but not photoshop CC.

Both can be used for creating panoramas which gives me the wide angle I need @ ~100 Megapixel and ~ 1 GB disk space for the raws, the tiffs and the result. Please do not accuse me of NOT supporting the PC-HW industry!

I cropped away the bottom because my own shadow was in the picture.

I am just doing this for fun! And yes, I am obviously covering more than 180 degrees here without much fuss in the image.

P.S. spray from waterfalls, geysirs or whatever sits on the front element will need to get retouched out (hurrah for the Adobe LR healing brush)

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