RX100M3 Image Stabilisation Test

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Re: RX100M3 Image Stabilisation Test

Thanks for the extra explanations.

What I was referring to, is the other guy, who noticed that shooting with the same camera, the RX100iii, your hand seemed to be steadier at 70mm than at 24mm.  I just noticed now that the time isn't the same, and I think he was looking at the bottom line.  I only noticed that now myself.

Looking at the 1/8th for the 70mm, it is a little bit blurrier than the 1/6th at 24mm, which is logical, and more consistent.  So the handheld margin of error isn't as large as it seemed.

Anyways, thanks again for the comparison, it is much appreciated.  A great illustration!  I will definitely be paying more attention to IS now, looking forward.

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