Will Pentax make a camera like Panasonic GH4?

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I don't think they ever will

kriztian wrote:

I sit here with my old K5 and thinking about my next move. Shall I upgrade to K3? No, probably not. After Reading the Reviews of GH4 I cant help thinking about switching system altoghether. But it is not something I want because I really like K5 handling. I also have invested in a 50-135, a lens that I really enjoy. But now GH4 is turning Everything upside down. The very good video features makes me want to have one and the K3 is all of a sudden no longer an option. What I really want is a Pentax that can do Everything GH4 can and with a larger aps-c sensor. But the question remains. Will it ever happen? I belive that Panasonic is sweeping the floor with Everything out there right now and people are switching by the minute. GH4 is sold out at my internet camera store and one reviewer was going to switch from even Canon 5d mark lll ( a proffesional Reviewer on Youtube David Dugdale ) just follow this link and judge for yourself´s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxGekOHEPuc&list=UUpPnsOUPkWcukhWUVcTJvnAWhat do you all Think? Is Pentax Richo going to lay down and die or are they picking up the ball and play? Cheers

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Pentax is first and foremost a stills camera company, any effort done with video is essentially a bonus. On the other hand, Panasonic is an electronics giant with experience in video. IMHO it will take a monumental effort for Pentax/Ricoh to even be a contender in the video department.

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There is no such thing a "Pro" level gear, just Pro level work.

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