Will Pentax make a camera like Panasonic GH4?

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Re: Will Pentax make a camera like Panasonic GH4?

You aren't seeing much in the way of Pentaxians clamouring for pro video - and it would take a major R&D effort to become competitive with what Panasonic has accomplished in that somewhat narrow area.

When you look at the biggest steps taken recently, clearly brands are carving out their niche - Fuji with smallness, retro and quality (but bad video), Olympus in that same direction but modern, Panasonic not nearly as strong in stills but leading the way for video, and even Canon aiming more at improving video than making progress on stills sensor capabilities - where it once was the clear leader but not so anymore.

Pentax might be hoping to lead the way relying on small stills dSLR - where it is emerging as the strongest survivor in a dwindling market (coupled with a fine medium format point of entry), but those characteristics seem more likely a survival strategy as opposed to carving out a true niche.

No, in terms of what you hope Pentax will do for you - as clearly a minority interested party - the answer is very likely - "no." As for extinction because the company doesn't meet your particular video needs - that is not likely. Bottom line, Pentax needs to establish greater distinction, but it almost certainly won't be accomplished by trying to compete with Panasonic's strong suite.

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