How to shoot fast with a slow camera

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Re: How to shoot fast with a slow camera

Joachim Gerstl wrote:

If you have a Fuji X and a 14mm or 23mm lens just give it a try. It's so much easier to capture the special moment when you don't have to wait for your camera.

Very nice article which made several interesting and valuable points concerning using MF. One thing needs to be corrected, I think. You wrote :

With exception of the very latest and top of the line cameras like the Fuji XT-1 or the Sony A6000 you still can’t track anything but a turtle.

but this isn't correct. According to The Camera Store's "The Great Mirrorless Camera Autofocus Shootout!" video which compared the GH4, X-T1, A6000 and E-M1, with the exception of the X-T1 which finished in a far distant 4th place, all of the others performed very well. Here's a quote about the X-T1 from about the 12 minute mark in the video.

" ... and autofocus is still very decent, but of all these cameras, although accurate it was quite slow, it was the ponderous one in the bunch"

The X-T1 would probably have done much better if the same shootout was performed later this year or next year since the 55-200mm lens that was used isn't exactly a speed demon.

Thom Hogan also had some reservations, noting that the X-T1's AF behaves the way DSLRs do that use Focus Priority for continuous shooting which prevents the shutter from releasing if the camera is only barely out of focus. High performance DSLR owners generally use Release priority when they're shooting with Continuous AF. He notes that because if this, his X-T1's burst rate was often about half of the stated rate, so whether you get the full rate or half rate depends on what you're shooting, and it does better with less demanding subjects. He also noted that while tracking was usually fast enough, if it lost track for a single frame it would have to go through the entire reacquisition sequence, slowing it down enough that he recommends letting go of the shutter button and starting over. I don't have access to his review at the moment so I'm just quoting from memory, but I think that I've gotten the gist of what he wrote accurate enough.

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