Imac 27 working with two externals best practice?

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Re: Imac 27 working with two externals best practice?

mtmike wrote:

I desperately want to be able to back up future LR photos and catalogs to an external drive that I can keep offsite.

Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper are good for this.  With Time Machine, the versioning feature encourages you to keep the backup drive connected to the Mac all of the time – which, of course, is not what you want for an offsite backup strategy.

I even purchased a license for Carbon Copy Cloner but the manual is very complex for me.

You don't need to read through the whole manual.  If what you are doing is making one or more whole-disk backups, and each backup drive is completely dedicated to backing up one source volume, it's very straightforward.  For each backup,

1. Plug in the backup drive and launch Carbon Copy Cloner.

2. Under "Source", select the drive/volume to back up ("master copies of LR photos/catalogs")

3. Under "Destination", select the backup disk/volume.

4. For "Handling of data already on the destination", select "Delete anything that doesn't exist on the source".  The help text below will now say "This collection of settings offers a 'traditional' clone without an archiving safety net …"

5. Press the Clone button.

6. Wait for CCC to finish.  Then quit CCC

7. Eject the backup drive in the Finder, unplug the drive, and set it aside to be carried offsite.

You probably want to have two (or more) backup drives for each source drives.  That way, you can rotate them.  E.g., if external drive A is in your bank safety-deposit box, and external drive B is your current onsite backup drive, you can use CCC to make incremental backups to drive B, on whatever schedule is appropriate.  Then at some point, you put drive B in your safety deposit box, take drive A home, and do an incremental update to drive A to bring it up to date.  Rinse, lather, repeat.

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