Anyone been to Yellowstone? How long a lens do I need?

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Re: Anyone been to Yellowstone? How long a lens do I need?

kitsap2 wrote:

I think the 45-200mm will suit you fine. Any longer would be for far away wild life, and then a tripod would probably be necessary. We did this trip four year ago, I with an LX-3 (definitely not long enough), and my friend with a gf1, 7-14mm, 14-45mm, & 45-200mm. His photos using the 45-200mm were really good.


Been there a few times. A longer lens can be critical or not needed at all depending on the season and how far off the beaten track you wander. I've used it mostly for bears at a distance.

I'll be there in September, mostly fishing but will spend a few half days just sightseeing. My M43 kit will include 9-18, 14-140 II and 100-300mm lenses and a lightweight carbon fiber monopod.If you can brace yourself with a car or a tree etc., the 100-300 can be hand held with good results, especially in bright daylight.

When fishing I carry a waterproof pocket camera and keep a Lumix FZ200 superzoom in the car.

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