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Re: Different Origins and Philosophies

ImageAmateur wrote:

MiraShootsNikon wrote:

...This is the big reason why Capture One processes RAW with a very "finished" perspective--sharpened, rich color, full of tone. .... It's not a joke that a credible Capture One workflow can be (1) shoot > (2) import (if not tethered) > (3) tweak exposure (if necessary) > (4) export / done.

Never thought of it like that, but that does make sense.

Adobe Camera RAW has an Auto button as well, and I presume Lr does. Those who are particular with their RAW image development, may prefer to start with a real RAW image instead of a partly pre-cooked one though.

(I have often thought that the above workflow--shoot, import, tweak exposure, export--with Capture One Express is the definitive answer for folks who want a better-than-JPEG result but dislike the idea of serious time and effort with RAW proofing.)


Many folks regard Capture One and Lightroom as complementary rather than competitive tools. A common workflow might be Session-based RAW conversion in Capture One, TIFFed into Lightroom (or catalogued in Bridge) for asset management, quick Photoshop / plug-in round-trips, and easy multi-format export. That approach gives you the best of both--Capture One's excellent RAW conversion, Lightroom's excellent management and extensibility--without too much hassle.

Hmmmmm, did not really think of that either. Understood. I guess where one depends on filing /managing and exporting a whole host of images on a regular basis, that makes sense also.

I may be failing to see it, but it strikes me that Capture One Pro 7's Catalog does pretty much the same thing as Lr. In fact, I would suggest it has been copied from Lr. Prior to having the Catalog option C1P7 only had Sessions as an image management tool, and it is quite specialized in purpose.

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