Anyone been to Yellowstone? How long a lens do I need?

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Re: Anyone been to Yellowstone? How long a lens do I need?

NickR wrote: Is 600mm equivalent definitely very useful or is 400mm enough?

Nick, some of the other responses in this thread make me wonder if we have been in the same park. Having used a 45-200 for amimals in the park, I found it generally lacking resulting in photos where the animal was too small of a part of the overall frame, but I like to fill the frame when I can. I have also used the 100-300 in the park several times and was glad I had it. You will also need a wide angle for landscapes.

As to getting close to bison, be careful. They are mean tempered, unpredictable and can move unbelivable fast when they want to. They can ruin your day in a hurry, as can any of the park animals if you get too close, especially if there are young around.

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