Are we ever going to see a DPReview of the GH4???

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Re: Are we ever going to see a DPReview of the GH4???

I think it's incumbent upon any serious review site to put the effort into reviewing the flagship camera from any major manufacturer.  This is the very reason why people respect DPR so much.  They don't play favorites (much) and they're not beholden to the brand cultists as so many others are.

I also don't understand the argument that they shouldn't bother with a review because other sites have completed one before them.  By that logic they should just shut the site down and drift off to other pursuits.  Every single review they do is late to the party.  Without exception.

Again, this is the very reason why they garner such respect from within the community.  They take their time evaluating each camera and make thorough analysis before arriving at a final judgement.

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