anybody moved from G5 or G6 to GX7

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Re: anybody moved from G5 or G6 to GX7

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Not a route that is normally taken but anybody moved from G5 or G6 to GX7.

I dismissed the GX7 for a number of reasons, primarily because I love the form factor and ergonomics on the G6 and the GX7 just didn’t feel right. In addition, I don’t now whether it’s because I wear varifocals, I just didn’t see this great EVF that people were talking about.

The GX7 is however, theoretically a step up in IQ and I would like to move up a notch and at the moment as I can’t afford an EM1 this is the only way. If you have moved was the IQ improvement noticeable and worth it.

Any regrets of moving on from the G6 or if you have both which one do you reach for?

Did you have any doubts like mine, did buying the GX7 overcome them?

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If you have the chance Trev, put something away each week if you can and get the Oly 300 F/4 when it comes out. IMO that would make the largest boost in what you take. Personally that makes more sense than changing bodies. That's just me though.

All the best Trev.


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