How to shoot fast with a slow camera

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Re: How to shoot fast with a slow camera

Thanks, good post. Its funny, I shoot wide and shot manual Nikons for 20 years.  Yet the moment I changed to AF Nikons I stopped doing MF. Now with an xt1, I find myself back in MF. Totally unexpected.

Your'e right the rub is in the lenses. Even though I have some old Nikkors, the weight and the center of balance with an adapter is not acceptable to me other than "hobby mode". Which leave me between Fuji's fly by wire and biting the bullet and buying a couple of good Leica mount lenses and the Fuji adapter.

Thats a whole lot nicer focusing than fly-by-wire but not that much nicer.

Hmmm, I can afford the Leica's and they will be around a long time, and I can pick the right body to couple with them. I hate threads like this.

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