How to shoot fast with a slow camera

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Re: How to shoot fast with a slow camera

Yep.  That will work and I recommend at least trying it if anyone hasn't done so previously.  I've never had an issue with "focus speed" and "missing shots", even with the old X100 and FW v1.x. I used to shoot college football with film SLR's and with my first DSLR.  That's DSLR was in 2003 and the old 3.3MP Canon D30.  Talk about slow AF, even with a 70-200 f/4L on it. It was MF and shooting full manual.  Whether it was with the D30 or the old Canon A2 SLR.

Even now, with my "fast focusing" X100s, for street shooting I still shoot in MF.  I preset at f/8 (if light allows me to stay under ISO6400) and keep the middle of my focal plane at around 8 feet. Super fast. I started doing this with the slower X100 and just keep doing it - even though the X100s AF is up to the task 95% of the time

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