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Re: YN-560 mkIII receiver modes

fotowbert wrote:

The YN-560 mkIII built in RF receiver can be set to RF-602 mode if so desired. It will retain this setting while powered off and also with batteries removed.

Default is RF-603 receiver mode. The current receiver mode setting is briefly shown in the display when the unit is powered on.

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refusenik wrote:

Yes, the 603 mk 2 works on the NEX-6 and I'd guess it doesn't matter whether it's for a Canon or Nikon, but you need to use the TX/TRX switch to select transmit or transmit/receive. The 602 doesn't have that switch so doesn't work without the mod you mentioned. However, mounting the Nikon specific 603-2 on a Canon body or vice-versa might cause problems, depending on the hotshoe pin configuration.

As far as I know, the YN560 mk 3 has a built in 603 mk 2 receiver, which saves having to mount the flash on a transceiver, so I'll be getting one of those once I've exhausted my experimentation with my Canon Speedlite.

Thanks John. My 602 finally arrived & your advice to change the 602/603 mode was very helpful.

the 602 is  about 1/2 the size of the 603 and is better suited to nex. However, I notice that the sync speed isn't as good as the 603. I am able to use 1/250 quite reliably with the 603 & at 1/320 banding starts to creep in.

the 602 however will not go above 1/160 and banding starts at 1/200

just wondering if you have any comment about that or why it's slower?

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