Thoughts on crop vs FF

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Thoughts on crop vs FF

I know this has been done to death. But just thought I would give my personal experience with this issue.

I had the chance to use a Canon 6D + 50mm f/1.4 last night (actually had it for 2 full days for work purposes). I thought I would compare that with my normal setup which is Nikon D7000 + 35mm 1.8. These two setups have a roughly equivalent FOV.

My thoughts:

IQ - as far as sharpness, noise etc - really could not see a significant difference. I am sure had I pushed ISO really high (or done extreme crops), I would have seen an advantage with 6D. But the way I shoot, I normally keep it under 3200 as much as possible.

DOF - yes the 6D had a MUCH more shallow DOF. My 35mm Nikon on my D7000 looks approximately like the 50mm on the 6D as far as angle of view goes. But the 6D, even at f/2.8 seemed to have a much more shallow DOF than the 35mm at f/1.8 (one of you will probably end up calculating this and either confirm or disprove my intuition).

Keeper rate - hands down D7000 much higher keeper rate. I am sure, had I closed the 50mm down to f/4 (I shot in manual mode at f/2.8 most of the time) it would have improved the keeper rate for the 6D. But - I didn't. AND - I am very used to and understand the Nikon AF system on my D7000 - I am sure that is also a contributing factor. But, the AF system on the 6D did not seem that great. I was also shooting fast moving kids - a tough challenge for any AF system.

If I had the chance would I trade my D7000 for the 6D - tough call - probably - maybe. Some of the "street shots" I got with the 6D had the magical look due to just the right DOF - which I don't think my D7000 could have reproduced. I think the AF system on my D7000 is much more sophisticated (seems that way anyway). It tracks much better. OTOH - I don't think I spent enough time with the 6D to fully work out the AF system. The size of the two bodies seemed to me to be about the same. I could not tell a significant difference in carrying both around. I prefer the control layout of the D7000 - but I am used to it. The 6D control layout was also not that bad (I actually prefer the way Canon activates auto ISO - by having it just be one wheel click below ISO 100).

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