Anyone been to Yellowstone? How long a lens do I need?

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Budget option and help for taller people

Henry Richardson wrote:

I like a lens that is long enough so that I can stand it up and sit on it like a stool. A Canon or Nikon 600mm f4 works pretty well for that. If you attach one of the larger bodies (Canon 1d4 or Nikon D4) then it provides a workable seat.

What I suggested above is fine for most people going to Yellowstone, but for those on a budget then you can replace the seat/camera body with an old film SLR! Get yourself an old Canon EOS-1s or Nikon F4 to attach to the 600mm f4.

If you have long legs and need a bit more height then add a 2x teleconverter. If you are short then you might get a 400mm f2.8 instead of a 600mm f4.

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