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lightgrabber wrote:

More shots of herons from around the local pond. Suddenly the place seems to be awash with them. The first four shots from yesterday morning with the 55-210 Sony on the a6000, the last two from this morning with the Canon 100-400mm on the a6000.

This heron just caught a snack. Light eating compared to some of the big fish in that pond.

Got an itch.

Taking Off.

Seeing off. The heron apparently decided that one of the Canada Geese was getting too close and adopted an aggressive stance and the goose, despite being a bigger and heavier looking bird hightailed it out of there.

Fishing in the shade.

More research into herons needed here. there are obvious differences in the appearance of ones I'm seeing but I'm not sure if it is male vs female differences, or juvenile versus adult. I've never before had so many of these herons nearby to study.

Very encouraging with the 55-210 on its way here. First shot is showing darn good details and you weren't full zoomed in I see as well. Yep I can use that easily and especially on the larger birds.

Well done on the Herons, nice shots and the Canon is working well also. Great to see, just watch the feet in the last shot, sometimes it pays to move back or zoom out a bit.

All the best and looking great, very nice.


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