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Re: Nobody needs your pics!

Photography is many things, but to me now it is a meditation on the process of life itself. We know what we see is aq created world in which each individual of probably every known spieces of plant and animal is individual, unique and unrepeatable, and that these creatures exist within time and space forming paths through our world as peculiar and as special as those patterns you get shown by CERN when they are claiming to have found a new particle.

In our everyday lives, as a part of the ebb and flow we gain glimpses into the state of being, yes, but only cameras are able to record what is visible. Drawing, painting, sculpture, literature and music are nowhere in this process- they are apart from it, and so only those creatives who use cameras witness and record our world and our time.

As the process is of value in itself, and quite harmless, and peaceful, it would seem to me reasonable to continue it, whether fame and gold area result or not.

I have just listened to Ravel. I listen every dat to Ravel. He does not know I listen to his music, and we shall not know who in future (hard drives and discs surviving!) will see and enjoy our work, but if we do not do it, nobody can.

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