22mm vs 18-55mm: When to use which?

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Re: Personal choice of lenses

calterg wrote:

Jay_B wrote:

Just my preferences, but I use the 18-55 much of the time. I use the 22 mm indoors in low light:

  • It's a great museum lens
  • Very good for low light with people and pets
  • Makes the camera seem less intrusive to the subject
  • Sometimes I just like the simplicity of one normal/wide FL
  • It's very sharp, relatively fast allowing lower ISO's in some cases

i consider it a complementary lens that adds versatility, but it is not my primary lens. Hope that helps.

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To add to the above, the 22mm would be a poor choice to take one's portrait. Once you frame a person from the waist up, the face is always distorted and not very flattering.

The simple solution is not to frame the person from the waist up. Take a couple of steps back then crop what you need. With 18mp even cropped you'll still have enough for most prints.

This type of perspective distortion (I call it big nose distortion) is totally a function of distance from the lens. Increase the distance, it goes away.

Some nice overviews/tutorials:


A great sequence here from 350mm to 24mm:

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