Sorry, ANOTHER Megapixel Thread (Printing and Megapixels)

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Re: For a 4 x 6" print.....

mike703 wrote:

Excellent point.

The 'standard' 300 dpi comes from the fact that that is the most resolution a perfect human eye can resolve at a distance of about one foot - i.e. someone with perfect sight could just about distinguish 150 dark/light line pars per inch with each one 1/300 inch wide.

That scales linearly with how far away you view it from. So if you view a big picture from a yard away, 100 dpi resolution would be enough and then an A0 print would only need around 12 MP. Of course if it is the sort of image that invites you to look close up - like a group photo where people try to pick out faces - then you'd need more resolution. But in my experience most pictures are the sort that people prefer to take in all at once, and any standard DSLR has more than enough resolution for any realistic print size when you factor in normal viewing distances.

Best wishes

you said it better than I did.

Anyway, I think that the OP just can't get past the concept that all this Megapixel stuff is just marketing B.S. and that 8mp is more than enough sensor resolution for anything that an amateur photographer is likely to do. That, and the fact that there are a few people on this board that are confusing the issue.

My camera has a 12mp sensor.  I keep it set at 8mp for JPEGs because I never print bigger than 8.5" x 11".  That is as big as my home printer goes.  If I think I might print bigger than that or do a whole lot of cropping (something I try to avoid by composing the shot properly) then I shoot RAW + JPEG.  Now I have an 8mp JPEG and a 12mp RAW if I really need it.


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