yongnuo 622c fired by sekonic l-358?

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Re: yongnuo 622c fired by sekonic l-358?

I appreciate your thoughts.  You may have misinterpreted my intentions.  i am fine with manual mode and will use this most often for consistent results,  but I also like to tinker and experiment with things so I just wanted to evaluate the ETTL capabiilities of the L-358 and 622c/622c-tx combination.  My experiences are for the community to better understand its options.

I was more interested in setting up a tripod mount contraption so that I could one-hand this beast.  The elavator bolts interest me because I can see a lot of different applications.  I wish there was a female version so that I didn't have a permanent bolt sticking out (there probably is one or I can tap drill one or solder a nut to a plate but I like to seek out easy MacGyver solutions).

One reason I went down the ETTL rabbit hole was becuase the 622c-TX set to ETTL (i.e. preflash) works fine with the L-358 when I use the Auto-Reset Cordless Flash mode. In Cord Flash Mode the L-358 triggering via the hotshoe and the 622-TX/622 set to ETTL fires a weak flash that the meter registers.  Now that I think about it I think this is more an issue with the hotshoe wanting to work in manual than a ETTL preflash fooling the meter.  At this point all I know is that the meter reads a flash that is significantly weaker.  Again this is not a problem since I will be using the manual option (which I can control on the 622c-TX or directly on the flashes).

I quickly tested the L-358 connected to the 622c-TX directly and I believe it handles both ETTL and manual modes fine; however, I will likely test more tonight.

By the way I am using an old Wein optical hotshoe for my testing that is old and tempermental.  I will have shortly a different hotshoe that should behave no different but I am testing it out anyway.

To bad Youngnuo doesn't have a module like PW and radio poppers. Can't have it all.

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