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ddoperalski wrote:

I've downloaded the trial for Capture One Pro and started playing around with the software and watching a few videos. It seems a bit more robust with the color editing capabilities and similar to Lightroom in its overall purpose. I was hoping someone on here could give me a brief explanation as to why you use Capture One, what makes it better than lightroom (which I was never that crazy about anyway) and what place Capture One has in your work flow (I'm assuming you still take your photos into photoshop after). I'm a portrait photographer for fashion and lifestyle so that is what I will mostly be editing.

Yes, C1P7 occupies pretty much the same space as Lightroom. They are both a RAW converter with cataloging features, and a few extra bells and whistles to try and make up for the lack of real editor capability. I was using Photoshop Elements only and tried both Lr and C1P7. Frankly it would have been easier and less disruptive to my "system" to go with the flow and get Lr. However, I just got the feeling it was too controlling in the way you have to do things -- the Lr way or the highway. That said, C1P7 is not a cakewalk either, and does require you to "register" images in their system in some way.

Overall I would say C1P7 is a more capable and flexible product. For example if you do contract work, or work on a job basis, you may find the Sessions method of cataloging images more useful than the Catalog in C1P7, or Library in Lr. It is set up to easily keep one job separated from the rest and well organized.

There are features in Adobe Camera RAW that I do miss though. The ACR method of doing sharpening with the Alt key to show the sharpening in black and white is not in C1P7. C1P7 might be capable of doing the same or better sharpening, but the process to do it is certainly easier in ACR. I miss the Vibrance slider in ACR, and to date I still have not figured out what purpose to put the Brightness slider to in C1P7.

And that brings up another issue with C1P7, which is lack of aftermarket books and documentation. One book was announced but has been cancelled. You are basically on your own to learn it with some limited help from the PhaseOne videos and on line help. The detail of them, often comes up short on what you really need to know.

C1P7 has layers (up to 10), unlike Lr. You can selectively apply adjustments to each layer. However, I would suggest the selection tool is not very advanced compared to PS or PSE. That limits the functionality of the layers. Yes, I still use PSE for the more advanced editing.

My general conclusion is that C1P7 is a more capable product but with rough edges. PhaseOne seem to be struggling with keeping the product bug free. They are slow in developing support for new cameras and lenses. So I think in the end if C1P7 supports your cameras/lenses, and you are tolerant with some bugs, and can learn to use it pretty much on your own, then it likely can deliver a better final image. On the other hand if you want quick response in supporting new cameras/lenses, and a more bug free product, then Lr is likely your better choice.

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