Help needed: Travel Tripod for A7+LAE-A4?

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Re: Help needed: Travel Tripod for A7+LAE-A4?

darkdirtydwarf wrote:

I'll try to be quick and clear to give you a better understanding of my problem.

  1. I almost never use the tripod, I hate it, it's annoying to carry it, use it, it's for nerds
  2. I need to use one to improve my photography, no way around it
  3. It must be compatible with the A7 equipped with the LAE-A4

My first choice would have been the 3LT Eddie. I want something small, light, that I would not mind taking with me "just in case", and if it's fancy it helps feeling less nerdy carrying it around. The built in monopod of the 3LT Eddie is a big plus and this model has plenty of extra features (weight hook, bubble level etc).

Unfortunately the plate is too big and won't allow me to use it with the A7 when using the LAE-A4 on it (the motor of the adapter gets in the way). As most of my wide angle and tele lenses are A mount, being able to use the tripod with the A7 sporting the LAE-A4 is a must.

The solutions I imagine are:

  1. Buy the Eddie and use it with a smaller plate (is it compatible? Would it be overkill?)
  2. Buy the Eddie without ball head and get a ball head with a smaller plate (which one?)
  3. Buy another tripod, like the Keith (or equivalent from another brand: suggestions?).

I'm new to tripods, I have a crappy unstable plasticky one I rarely used cause my hands are steadier, so I'm open to suggestions. I'd prefer to keep the cost below 500 Euro.

Thanks in advance!

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