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ddoperalski wrote:

I've downloaded the trial for Capture One Pro and started playing around with the software and watching a few videos. It seems a bit more robust with the color editing capabilities and similar to Lightroom in its overall purpose. I was hoping someone on here could give me a brief explanation as to why you use Capture One, what makes it better than lightroom (which I was never that crazy about anyway) and what place Capture One has in your work flow (I'm assuming you still take your photos into photoshop after). I'm a portrait photographer for fashion and lifestyle so that is what I will mostly be editing.

Thank you

Here is who I am:  Amateur fully. Lots of sports (horse racing), family, scenic.

What I like about Capture One:

- To me the RAW conversions, starting with default are strong in color, but natural looking. This is the  major plus to me, plus I find it consistent across images. Some converters seem strong on some images weak on others. The C1 conversions seem very consistent.

- user interface, I find easy to follow, easy to adjust various exposure, color etc.

- results of adjustment are good but tend to be fairly clean of artifacts. Images hold together very well on adjustment, including colors.

- easy to save presets to apply to multiple images

- easy to change and amend color profiles for cameras/ scenes. One can change individual colors using an image of a color chart and save the setting as an ICC profile

-  processing is fast and one sees results in real time

- exports in multiple formats

Things I would like the software to have:

- it does not have as many lens profiles as LR for example, but one can easily adjust for lens distortions in the software and even save as a preset

- does not have a clone and remove tool in the local adjustments, this would make the local adjustments fantastic

Hope you enjoy it.

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Wishing You Good Light.

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