Panasonic Decision To Make 100-300 f4 zoom a great idea...

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4thnebula wrote:

Instead of 150 f2.8 prime even if this is just a rumor. A top level small long range zoom will be very usefull. Would be great if Olympus made a 150-400 f4 to go with their other two pro zooms too.

Hmmm, any idea what the view would be from a zoom up to 400mm on m4/3. Field of view of an 800mm on FF. You need bright daylight and fast shuteer speeds, unless you wind up the ISO and increase noise levels. Not that easy to use and for BIF's or moving subjects, its tough work to even get the subject in the EVF and at F/4, that's going to be a fairly large lens as well. You need to get rid of the idea of F/4, gees.

100-300 F/4 is going to cost plenty and also not that small with a fixed wide open aperture of F/4.

Try those zoom lenses at the long end at F/5.6 and it becomes sort of reasonable.... sort of. I like the sound of the Oly 300 F/4 when it arrives, that should be interesting to see in the right hands.


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