Why buy the new M ?

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Not much reason to: Why buy the new M ?

I really like Leica M lenses; I own/ed M39 and M lenses; they are very compact and solid, and most of the times optically great. I don't find Leica cameras, though, up to par with the competition in terms of image quality (e.g. compared to RX1, A7/R, D800, 6D etc), core features (MF focusing mechanism, lag, controls), and -of course- price, not to mention being chunky/heavy.

I agree that using a DSLM with a Leica adaptor works only for standard lenses or longer since there are problems in using wide angle lenses due to their optical properties/design. What I have found to be the golden middle ground is, and I know I'm going to be hated since I'm addressing the wrong crowd, the Ricoh GXR A12 M. It has native M mount, equal or better IQ than M8/9/E, works great with wide angle lenses, excellent high-ISO performance, better than all Leicas in ergonomics, features, control, size/weight, and still very good build quality. Granted, it is not full frame, and it is 12MP (AA-filter-less however).

For those that overemphasise the importance of build quality, I need to remind you that no digital Leica is expected to last for as many years as one might think or would like, due to the obsolescence and durability of digital technology. I see everyday on eBay M8/9 cameras with only a few thousand shots fired having gone to "service" for cleaning, RF maintenance, general problem fixing etc- not what one would expect from 'rock solid' Leica live-forever construction.

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