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Re: FZ1000 vs. FZ200 at 600mm EFL

TRodger1943 wrote:

I took these shots today. Both cameras were at full resolution. The FZ200 was ta 600mm EFL and the FZ1000 at 400mm. I then magnified the FZ1000's image in iPhoto so that the FZ1000 matched the FZ200 in size. The FZ200 is much better. These were taken using a shoulder pod with my back wedged against a wall. It was a very steady shot for both images. So far not that impressed with the image quality. It should have been better in my opinion. It looks to me that the FZ1000 hasn't focused properly, but it indicated that it had focused. I have more than this example of it not matching the FZ200 at 600mm.

FZ1000 on the left.

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Panasonic FZ200

Thanks Rodger !!! not what I wanted to hear, but exactly what I was missing from the other "reviews", and your test done precisely like I would have done, this is a show-stopper for me, and from here I will look only for some good primes for my Canon 500D, to supply my FZ200/TC-E17ED combo,...

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