More capable then a57 and a77

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More capable then a57 and a77

I owned several Sony Alpha cameras, a37, a57, a77 and now a58. I also have comparison to Nikon, Canon and Panasonic cameras.

The a58 is just a great and cheap camera, in current Sony camera lineup its in 3rd place: 1.a77II > 2.a99 > 3.a58 > 4.a57 > 5.a77 > 6.a900 > 7.a850 > 8.a65 > 9.a37 > ...

You will ask why its better then a57, as on paper a57 is a lot better, well, here are my findings after using a58 for a while:

  • The AF on a58 is more accurate then a57 (on paper its the same). Its not faster or slower, its just better focuses on where it should. Less misses.
  • The fast OLED EVF at a58 is a lot better then slow LCD EVF at a57, specs say its smaller then a65/a77 EVF, but I hadn't notice.
  • The Lock-On AF mode is just great, of course its not available on a57 or a77. a77II offers a better version of it.
  • The images are better then from a57/a77 because a58 has BIONZ chip from a99.
  • Better low light performance then a57 (less grainy images at high ISO, ISO3200 and sometimes ISO6400 fully usable).
  • Auto ISO in M (manual) mode! Nothing like that on a57/a77.
  • The hot-shoe is in ISO standard instead of Minolta standard. Same as a99 and a77II. Does not matter for me.
  • Great battery life on a58 comparing to a57/a77 or even to a77II.
  • Swivel LCD screen instead of articulating at a57/a77. I occasionally find myself missing the articulating screen, but its very seldom.
  • Newer menus/interface version (like in a77II or a99).
  • a58 is lighter and smaller then a57 (not much but ...).
  • a58 has better (more accurate) White Balance then a57/a77 (not so yellow indoors).
  • Responsiveness on a57/a58/a77 is the same.
  • I got a used a58 in great shape for just $200. Impossible for a57/a77 cameras.

I mostly use the camera with central 5 focus points enabled and with Lock-On AF which then uses ALL of the focus points, works great.

Now, a57 is able to shoot 8 FPS, but its not that great since AF is less accurate, so You will have these RAWs, but if first image is out of focus, then the other ones possible will also be like that. With a58 its only 5 FPS but as AF works better You will get similar amount of 'good' images from a58. The buffer on a57 is bigger and that is probably the most 'better' feature of a57 over a58.

The 230k resolution LCD screen on a37 killed all fun of using it, I was afraid that 460k screen on a58 will be similar 'bad' comparing to 920k a57 screen, but nothing like that. 460k LCD on a58 is enough for fun and useful use, also works good with Focus Peaking (which I can not say about a37 screen).

The 20MP on a58 gives more room for crop instead of 16MP on a57 and its less noisy then a57 (almost everything is less noisy then a77).

The a58 have 'only' 30p instead of 60p on a57/a77, but I used 30p on a57/a77 anyway, so no difference for me. If You do 'slow motion' then this will hit You on a58.

To sum up ...

In short words, after using a37/a57/a77 cameras the a58 gives me the most 'fun' of them all and is the most capable and versatile camera.


Sony SLT-A58
20 megapixels • 2.7 screen
Announced: Feb 20, 2013
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