Sigma Art 35mm vs 30mm on DX

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Re: Sigma Art 35mm vs 30mm on DX

sixesmith wrote:

I've read that pricing should be around $499, so the 500 quid is really all from VAT and whatnot

This review's been going around, but it's kind of...useless. Still, something to chew on for now:

Also, I don't know if it's just poor lighting. From those pictures it seems that this lens still has Sigma's characteristic back/front-focusing problem.

Hi Sixesmith,
I happened to stumble upon this.
Yes, that was quite a useless review by me as I was pretty new to reviewing equipment back then
During that year I just got appointed as the Reviewer for Sigma Singapore.
Thanks for the valuable feedback and I hope I had done much better now.
Cheers Buddy.
Allan Lee

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