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Re: Dream specs

Paks wrote:

nzmacro wrote

For cost wise I would strip it down.

No AF, manual control only, no fancy features, no my sets, no apps, not weather resistant, no mic, no flash, no touch screen and no rear display at all in fact. No electronic level and no video.

Hoping for 36 meg sensor, focus peaking, magnified EVF view, shutter button (yeah well), ISO dial, shutter speed dial, 10 FPS max for 3 seconds. Decent wifi remote.

You know the spooky part, I'm serious, that would be my dream camera from Sony and it ain't going to happen. No wonder Sony won't hire me.

All the best, we are different huh.


LOL Yes we -all - are, its what makes Sony (the world) go around.

A poster in another thread was lamenting the lack of a "perfect camera for everyone" is one reason why that cannot be.

Were you kidding about APS-C with 36MP?


Yep 36meg would do me nicely I crop around 99% of my shots, so the more res the better, mind you it needs to be fairly clean from noise at ISO 100 - 400. Anything over ISO 400 and I lose interest. Maybe ISO 800 at a squeeze.

All the best and you are right, we all make the world go around in our own different ways


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