extremely affordable 4k (aka UHD) 28" displays coming as companion to your MP or rMBP

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Re: Apple should be ashamed!

joger wrote:

30 Hz su..s !

really - if you'r not purely intending to use a display for film and image viewing you will be not happy with 30 Hz if you are quality oriented like me and others. Gaming being even more challenging - I would be hugely annoyed by 30 Hz and I am really happy that 10.9.3 brought also 60 Hz to the rMBP (which I bought alongside with my MP end of 2013)

If I had to choose whether Apple puts their efforts in a crappy 30 Hz support for older machines or make new innovations I'd strongly vote for new innovations in hardware and more then that in software. The new MP was more then overdue and I am happy they did it. I was desperately waiting for a replacement of my five year old old-timer

All new PRO HW seems to be capable of 60 Hz at UHD - that's a very good news.

I've bought Apple devices since 1995 and one thing is key - always watch out for the next big thing and then everything changes in te Apple universe - I'd not be surprised if Phil Schiller announce at WWDC the year 2014 at the year of 4k

And I am more then curious about the sales figures of the Mac PRO and if Apple presents their own 4k display.

It actually takes more effort for them to lock the support out!

All the hacks do is remove all the programmed locks!

And yeah 30Hz isn't amazing, but basically all I use the MAC Mini for is iPad development (and a bit of browsing and such when in that environment), a MAC Mini is likely much of a gaming or serious powerhouse for video and such anyway.

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