Sorry, ANOTHER Megapixel Thread (Printing and Megapixels)

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Re: Sorry, ANOTHER Megapixel Thread (Printing and Megapixels)

PenPix wrote:

The industry standard for photographic printing is 300 pixels per inch. Anything above this is unnecessary. IF you submit a 24MP photo to make an 8x10 print, the software will downsize the photo to 7.2MP before sending it to the printer. (8"x300x10"x300=7,200,000 pixels)

Some of the early dye sublimation printers I worked on only had a 160 dpi resolution. Some inkjet printer could have a dot density of 300 dots horizontal x240 dots vertical. And a Noritsu laser printer will lay down 600Hx300V, although it extrapolates this from files with the standard 300dpi vertical and 300dpi horizontal resolution.

Unless you're heavily cropping, you have more than enough pixels for a high quality scrapbook sized print. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about this since you're submitting a print.

Good luck!

I actually didn't even know there was a distinct printing standard. Wow o.o
Thanks so much for this info!

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