Epson R2880 a problem with handling media?

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Re: Epson R2880 a problem with handling media?

magicbus wrote:

Completely agree with Hugowolf. What a pig the R2880 is. I've had it 5/6/7 years, managed probably 12 / 15 prints in that whole time. It will NOT accept paper, I've pretty much only tried Velvet Fine Art but had problems with premium glossy too. I've tried every ******* orifice, I've teased and jiggled and coaxed and sworn and pushed and pulled. Its made an enjoyable hobby a miserable experience.

Likewise I have never fully sorted the colour management. My monitors, Viewsonic VP201b (yes....still good) and Dell U2410 (rubbish) are calibrated using a Spider 3 but somewhere there is another layer of management being applied. Yes I've been through the settings 150 times. I've had other people check the settings, but still it previews and prints with massive differences to the softy proof in LR5

I recently spent £200 on inks and £150 on paper, should have bought something more useful like a chocolate teapot..

Funny that mine has worked perfectly and I bought it used. Whether I feed though the normal top feeder or the rear one. You push the into the rear slot but STRAIGHT. It hits the stop. Continue to lightly press and in a few seconds it is draw in. Print. Done.

I have R1900s R2000 R2400 R2880 PRO 3800s and ALL feed without any glitches.

Yours has to have some major problems.


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