Question about crop factor

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Question about crop factor

Hello All

Hope I am posting in the correct area, apologies in advance.

So I am debating between a Nikon d7100 or a D610.

I know about the crop factor of 1.5x for a dx format vs full frame.

My question is as far as taking a photo, if I were to take a photo of say a mountain range with the d610 from a certain spot that allows the full range to fit within the frame, in order to do the same with the d7100 I would just need to to step back a little more in reference to the same spot correct?  In order to get the same shot?

We will assume that I am at 18mm on the d610 using a Fx lense and also at 18mm on the d7100 using a dx lense.

Is my thinking correct?

I mean basically what ever shot you take with a d610 you would just need to step back a little to get the same shot with a dx format right?

So the crop facfor does not seem like a huge deal to me.

I understand that the Fx will give me better low noise performance and just overall better detail but if we are strictly talking crop factor then not that huge a deal right?

Thanks for any info that is provided.


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