Aliasing, part II

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Aliasing, part II

The previous thread reached is maximum, this is the continuation.

Slideshow Bob smiling:

How about you look at these photos (where the 645D is the reference image)...

View: gallery page

and explain to me why the 5DIII with it's supposedly better AA filter produces more moire than with the D800 or the D800E, even though all the cameras are dealing with the limits of their respective resolution?

Because the fine pattern is closer to the Nyquist frequency for the 5D3 but not for the Nikons. Sampling Theory.

Also, why is the D800E resolving considerably more detail (and more accurately) than the D800, while having roughly the same amount of moire?

It is not.

Here's another image...

View: gallery page

... and perhaps you can explain the big blue / yellow moire patterns on the 5DIII image.

Same reason - different pixel count, different Nyquist frequency.

You see, EVERY sensor produces moire.

I said the same thing much earlier in the previous thread, thank you for agreeing.

AA filters can mitigate moire (and aliasing), but they don't eliminate it.

They could if they are strong enough. The cameras with AA filters make a compromise. I said that, too.

If you had a 5DIII photo full of detail that was the same frequency as the detail on the coin above, it would produce an awful image, whereas the Nikons and Pentax would be fine.

Comparing different pixel counts is nonsense in the context of this discussion.

It's only about detail frequency. The higher the resolution the sensor, the less noticeable the problem will be.

Agree. When will the problem disappear? 300mp?

This thread started out by saying that AA-filterless sensors were bad, compared to ones that have filters. Why? Because you LIKE the moire that the 5DIII produces?

Again, the 5D3 has not place in this discussion unless there is a body with a 22mp sensor without an AA filter to compare.

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