Bought FZ1000 instead of Nikon D810 -- TRUE STORY

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Bought FZ1000 instead of Nikon D810 -- TRUE STORY

Presently I have a Nikon D2X and a Lumix LX5.  I had saved up funds for a D810.  But of course this was making me want a few more lenses as well, expensive lenses.  I was also going to upgrade the LX5 to the mythical LX8.  I needed a little camera and a big Camera.  I also needed something to do Technical type Macro well.  Like printed circuit boards.  The D2X with a Nikon Micro lens does this very well.  The LX5, pretty good, but the lack/little  control over manual focusing always bothered me a bit using it.

I really didn't want to throw down this massive chunk of $$$ for the D810 but I was going to do it.

Then along comes the FZ1000.  It's all rolled into one, has a nice Optical Range, the Digital zoom results look really good as well.  Focus is fast and accurate, and it does acceptable Macro for me.  Video as well FTW!  It's also not too big and not too small.  I hope the focus ring has better control than the click dial on the back of the LX5 for manual focus.

The LX5 is a really nice little Camera and does good video, so I'm considering keeping it depending on if the LX8 appears and whether it's interesting enough for me.  The FZ1000 may make the LX8 unnecessary for me, especially if I hold onto the LX5.  Most likely won't be able to resist the next LX though.

I figure the savings over the D810/New Lenses, I can buy a nice FZ series every couple years for some time.  As well as the liquidation of all my Nikon gear for cash!  No out of pocket cash here.

First time in over 40 years I have not had a Nikon Pro series Camera!

Nikon F >> Nikon F2 Photomic >> Nikon F4/Nikonos RS >> Nikon D2x/Lumix LX5 >> DMC-FZ1000

Just listed my remaining Nikon Gear on Fleabbay.  Gone but not forgotten.  The LX5 really got me hooked on Panny's.

I unsub'd the Nikon thread...

I still don't understand people who think a cell phone is a camera though...

I will have my FZ1000 on Monday.  I'm feeling much smarter having bought it instead of the D810.

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