After two years, what you think of your OM-D E-M5 ?

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Re: After two years, what you think of your OM-D E-M5 ?

I purchased my E-M5 in April 2012, trading a Nikon D90 system and an experiment with the Sony NEX 5n for it and several lenses.  I agree with just about all of the positive things that have been said about the E-M5 in this thread, including Marty's comment that the E-M5 is a better camera than he is a photographer.  By that agreement I mean that's true of me as well, although sometimes I get close and believe I am improving.  MichaelKJ's comments ring true, too, because undoubtedly the E-M5 is the camera that saved Oly's camera business.  If the E-M5 had failed, there probably wouldn't have been either an E-M1 or an E-M10, which seem to have become the core of Oly's camera offerings.

Rather than inventory the E-M5's virtues--they have been enumerated well here already--I'll note that I acquired the HLD-6 for it about two months ago and realize now that I wish I had done this two years ago.  It's not that I found the E-M5 uncomfortable without it; rather, I just seem to hold the camera steadier and more securely when using the grip portion on it (leave the battery pack off).

Unless my E-M5 breaks (hope not), or Oly or Panasonic come out with a new model with substantially better image quality, but with the same size and ergonomics, I'll continue to use my E-M5 as my main "photographer's" camera.


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