Looking for advice on OCF for wedding receptions

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Looking for advice on OCF for wedding receptions

I'm looking to start using off camera flash for wedding receptions, and I need some advice on the best route and setup. I've used 2 alienbees when I was a 2nd shooter, but I currently do not own one.

I'm looking at doing one of the following:

1. Buying 2 Yongnuo 560 II flashes. Pros: inexpensive, lightweight/easy to carry, easy to transport so they seem more versitile when doing on-location shoots. Also, if one of my on-camera flashes fails I can use them as backup.  Cons: battery powered...seems like a pain to go change the batteries if needed. Although, since I wouldn't be using them at full power so I can maximize recycle time, maybe this won't be an issue. Any other cons?

2. Buy 2 alien bees & more sturdy stands than I currently own. Pros: I've used them before (when 2nd shooting) and really liked them. They don't run on battery power (but I can buy a battery pack, right?)...of course that is a con too, as then I have to deal with wires. Cons: bulkier and much more expensive.

What would you recommend? Can anyone give me some pros and cons of each?

I'd like to keep my investment under $700 if possible. I know I can get the 2 alien bees + light stands for about $600.

I have a few other questions:

1. What other accessories do I need to get with these? Softboxes or no? I really like the effect of catching the flash in the frame so I'm leaning toward no to any sort of diffuser.

2. How do I set these up around the dancefloor? meaning, where do I point the light? Downward, so it falls on the dancefloor, or straight ahead so the flash is at a 90 degree angle to the lightstand?

Thanks ahead of time!!

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