How can manual focus ever be sharp?

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Re: How can manual focus ever be sharp?

In basic terms, its all about technique ....... and there are a few different techniques used. Long heavy tele lenses actually comes down to more about the lens than anything else. Its about how that lens is built and how it functions, weight distribution, balance, placement of the tripod mount. For tele lenses and IMO, internal focus is a must have.

BIF's and action shots are totally different to static subjects, panning while MF takes a lot to get use to, knowing your lens inside and out is a must. Picking the right lens is a must. Those subjects take practise and you have to be stubborn to learn the techniques. To be able to pan with a subject, you need to know which way you turn the focus ring from close to infinity, that needs to be second nature. Internal focus needs to be smooth, fast and fluid.

Focus peaking, magnified image in the EVF are both excellent to have.

Anything wider than 300mm and I wouldn't have a clue Others have far better ideas on that than I do.

All the best and learn to relax when shooting.


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