Not sure if I should keep the G1X Mk2?

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Not sure if I should keep the G1X Mk2?

I bought the G1X Mk2 a couple of weeks ago. Very solid; image quality seems good; tiltable touch screen is very useful; menu system pretty nice. I shoot Nikon FX glass and bodies, but had a Canon G7 ages ago, so this is not unfamiliar to me.

I don't want to turn this into a flame post, but I'm a bit undecided about the G1X Mk2. It has less to do with IQ, and more to deal with the handling and in some situations, the focusing and write speed times.

1. The camera is front weighted, and of course, that's the tradeoff for the nice, big lens. I find the grip is a bit shallow, and I know there is a deeper grip you can buy separately which comes standard in the EU (why it doesn't come standard in N. America makes no sense...). Would the deeper grip help? Do others find the camera a bit awkward to hold?

2. I'm not sold on the lens control rings: I'd rather have had a more conventional thumb or finger control dial. Given the camera is smaller, I think I'd rather just use it one handed.

3. I bought it as a casual, walk around camera, but the focus seems to hunt oddly now and then. I find the macro focus a bit fussy too - sometimes I'm too close, and sometimes I'm not, and I can't seem to find the range consistently. It could be me, I admit...

4. Every few photos, it seems to take a long time to write to the memory card. And no, I'm not in burst mode or shooting in RAW - it's just that a single shot seems to take a noticeable lag to save.

It's weird, but I'm not sure the camera "does it" for me. Completely irrational, I know, but I recall when I was debating selling my Panasonic GH2, another forum member said despite the great specs and performance, he could never warm to the GH2 and that's exactly how I felt too.

I won't say I feel quite the same indifference to the G1X Mk2, but I haven't been exactly jumping to grab it all the time to take photos (and I have a 3 month old just ripe for photos!). My reference is my old Panasonic GF1: despite its not quite as good IQ being an older camera, it just feels better and more responsive in my hand. I'm almost inclined to pick up a discounted Olympus XZ-2 (I had an older XZ-1 that I really liked before). And of course, I waiting to hear about the mythical Nikon P8000, Panasonic LX8, and other MFT or small fixed lens offerings.

Nothing against the camera really - I know others like it - and it is great for many things and so I really want to keep it but I can't quite seem to figure out if what's bothering me is rational or something I can't "fix". It could be just me, but I'm wondering if others have had similar opinions.

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